Why Men Love to Wear Leather Boots

From period-themed motion pictures to cowboy movies and contemporary action films, the male protagonists almost always wear the best-looking boots. This must be one of the reasons why men of this generation are captivated by boots. And do you know that women love to see men with their boots? In a study of over 200 women, 76% said they want their man to wear a casual pair of boots during their first meet up.

Leather Adds to the Macho Look

The tough and rugged look of the leather must be the reason a man would love to wear boots. It definitely adds to his strong persona. He exudes confidence and feels more secure about himself that he can do whatever challenge that comes his way like the cowboys we see in some western movies and the top soldiers in epic period motion pictures.

The macho man is up for any outdoor activity that requires physical agility. Wearing a high-quality pair of leather boots will help him feel comfortable to carry out various tasks. Leather boots are resistant to wear and tear, so wearing them during an action-packed day can be the best choice. Indeed, a man who is up for any occasion with any activity.

Boots Make Men More Imposing

Men can add more height when wearing boots. This makes them more imposing that radiate respectability and authority. Women love taller men. They feel more secure with men taller than them. Because of this, men who are not gifted with height can fill in the gap by wearing a pair of boots with higher heels. When you are 5’4” in height, you easily become at least 5’7” with a 3-inch pair of boots.

Boots also make the feet bigger, which makes you more masculine. They also give you a well-proportioned look. While they offer you additional height, they also provide you with more solid support to prevent loss of balance.

Boots Provide the Best Protection

A pair of boots can be the best casual footwear that can give the best protection to the lower extremities. Some boots can reach as high as the area below the knee, so a nice-fitting pair of boots can prevent injury to the metatarsal joints, ankles, and knees. Boots also protect the feet from getting cold, wet, and harmed by noxious chemicals.

Indeed, boots are not only stylish but also very much functional.…